Luxury Retreats Pitch Deck

When Airbnb acquired Luxury Retreats, they had a lofty goal: 32,000 luxury properties by 2021. Think Warren Buffet's island (yes, the entire island was really listed) or an infinity pool in Tulum with a private chef, driver, masseuse, and childcare. We were tasked with convincing billionaires that renting out their properties was an investment opportunity—not a breach of privacy.

We developed a multi-touch acquisition campaign with three creative concepts targeted to the identified audience segments. I led the creative team, partnered with account and strategy to refine the presentation, and pitched to the prospective client...all in a two-week sprint.

The three concepts:

Unlock the possibility.

Your home, appreciated.

More than a property.


See campaign voice, mood boards, manifestos and campaign touchpoints below.